Fuel for the ultimate adventure.

Nondual awakening is within reach—with the experience and guidance of our supportive community. We're intelligent meditators seeking a truer, deeper, more meaningful experience of ourselves and our lives.

More spiritual than religious.

We appreciate the contemplative branches of Buddhism, Christianity, Judaism, and other religions—and we also value psychological perspectives on the mind. Some of us identify with a particular religion, and some of us don't. We believe an authentic spiritual path can be informed by multiple sources.

Awaken in everyday life.

We're ordinary people with families and careers; most of us find lengthy retreats impractical. We prefer practices we can integrate into our lives, and we want to use life's experiences to support our awakening. We care about the world; we're not trying to escape from it.

Clear, practical guidance.

We like clear instructions in plain English. We're not into riddles and secrets. We want to get the job done—not just think and theorize about it.

Discover your unique path.

We prefer open, flexible, self-guided approaches to spiritual practice; we experiment, and we do what works for us. We're not interested in handing our lives to gurus or religious institutions.